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    Thoughts on Poppy

    October 28, 2013 by Kellicopter

    This is based on something MonsterGirl2002 said in Poppy's comments. Well, I'd already been thinking about what role Poppy would play in the future, but she just reminded me about it.

    Well, to answer that question, the enchantress's daughter will probably play the next enchantress, not Holly's own sister!

    Is Poppy even a student at EAH? I never thought so. She already has a job at the Salon, and you don't need to take fairy tale classes for that. Secondly, her mother's story doesn't require siblings. (Why she doesn't follow her father's footsteps...I have no idea. He's just a random prince right? So she could go be the hero/savior in another story...I digress) Whatever the case is, she has her mother's last name, and her mother's story doesn…

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    (I probably should’ve made this a blog post in the first place; sorry for spamming Ashlynn’s comments.)

    I know I can wait for them to explain this, but I guess I don't understand the basics. What is the point of even following their parents' stories? Their parents obviously didn't follow in their parents' footsteps. Why do we need a "Next Snow White?" Her story is already known and written, why do we need Apple to relive it?

    Here’s some previous discussion from Ashlynn’s page:

    Did anyone else come up with that? I think it solves a lot of issues, especially the annoying incest complaints that people keep having about the Daring and Apple, or Ashlynn's relation to the Charmings. Thoughts? Other opinions on my original question?

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