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    MH & EAH

    August 20, 2014 by Kleve03

    So I've been thinking... what about a TV special that goes like this:

    Cerise is really upset that she has to hide her ears. She looks in a mirror (Or something like that) and discovers it's like a portal. She goes in and finds her self in MH wearing her SDCC outfit. And people are trying to look for her in EAH but she doesn't know. How does that sound????

    BTW, that's random XP

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  • Kleve03

    Ok, let's begin with how I got this idea,

    In 2013, I got the 1st School for Good and Evil book. I was hooked. In my mind I already had characters for Sophie & Agatha's kids

    The 2nd book came out this year in April. I got it. It's really cool.

    Now, onto the subject. Could the School for Good and Evil count as a fairy tale? I would like it to be counted as one. I mean, it would be an awesome fairy tale. Tell me if you agree

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