• Lilymoth

    Okay, so I'm going to say this in case you didn't read the full title: there will be spoilers from this point on, so please come back later if you haven't seen the episode, since I won't be recapping it.

    Now that that's out of the way- my thoughts on this episode. It was a HUGE episode. I liked how the Wonderlandians were the center of the story. I didn't like the Wonderland characters before, but this special has helped me come to appreciate them. Especially Alistair and Bunny (I'm calling the ship Bunnistair since nobody's been on the whole ship-naming thing yet). I think they may be two of the most capable people on the cast. Let's look at this, guys- Alistair finds out about the poison before even Lizzie does, and Lizzie's been stuck in…

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  • Lilymoth

    I've been scrolling the comments lately on the "Poppy the Roybel" page. A few have sparked some questions/comments, so I felt a blog post would express these the best.

    A lot of people complain about the whole concept of a "Roybel." However, we knew about neutrality for a long time. Aka Royally Rebellious. I personally identify with this party.

    Now I wonder if there even is a difference between the two terms, as to what they mean. The reactions are certainly different.

    So what do you think, ever-Afters? Is Roybel just a contraction of the popular "Royally Rebellious" option, or is it a brand new term with a brand new meaning?

    I personally believe they are the same thing. I myself am a Royally Rebellious. This brings me to my first blog post.

    To …

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  • Lilymoth

    Okay, so I haven't written since my highly controversial statement on the logo girl looking like Cerise Hood.

    Anyway, this time, I'm comparing the Royals, the Rebels, and my personal view on the issue (revealed at the bottom)

    Rebels- Let's go with everyone's favorite group. The Rebels are those who think you should choose your destiny. However, if you mind if I paraphrase Merlin, only you can choose your destiny, and you alone. Destiny is a choice. Just like a prophecy is a choice in Harry Potter.

    Also, I see this as similar to a lot of teenage sitcoms and such. Why, you ask? Well, this side pretty much says to me "screw your parents and whatever they want you to do, they're completely stupid and wrong."

    Royals- Let's dive into the controversial …

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