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    Royals vs Rebels

    March 9, 2014 by Magic Crackles

    I know a lot of people get confused by what defines someone as a Royal or a Rebel.



    Of course these two pages have very good definitions and discussions as to why everyone is what they are, but I decided to sorta compile them all onto this page. Just for fun and for interest.

    Rebels- Generally Rebels are someone who dont want to follow their destiny. Not always evil.

    • C.A. Cupid- She doesn't actually have a destiny, but does believe that everyone should follow their true hearts, which may involve going against their destiny.
    • Cedar Wood- Wants to be a "real girl", which is part of her destiny, but also wants to lie, which isn't part of her destiny, which maybe why she's a Rebel, as she want both.
    • Cerise Hood- Has two destinys, and prob…
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