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  • The Frigid Princess2515

    Before I get started, I want to make it clear that I am referring to the actual Storybook of Legends, not the novel by Shannon Hale (which I loved by the way; fans who haven’t read it really should.)

    In The Tale of Legacy Day, Apple and Raven saw what the book and the magic mirror had in store for the two heroines. Naturally, my first thoughts were, “Whoa! Talk about final nail on the coffin.” However, I started over-thinking, as I usually do, and I noticed a few things that just glared at me. Though it wasn’t the focus of their Riddlish-filled conversation, Maddie did say that Giles had told her that something is wrong with the book. Along with some observations, I’ll tell you what I think this “something wrong” is. I hope you’re comfortab…

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