• WhiteRaven43

    Apple's Feelings

    April 1, 2014 by WhiteRaven43

    Idk if this is just me but what is up with these last three episodes being about or surronding Apple's feelings. Nonone can do anything without someone questioning if Apple is okay with it and if she is not they have to apologize or they have to find a way to make it so Apple can me happy. I was super excited for Cedar to come on and have an episode of her own.

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  • WhiteRaven43

    Thronecoming Queen

    February 22, 2014 by WhiteRaven43

    In November we are having a special based on the Thronecoming dolls. In this special there will be named a Thronecoming Queen and we the fans get to vote so based on the Thronecoming dolls the nominees are:

    Apple White

    Blondie Lockes

    C.A. Cupid

    Raven Queen

    Who are you voting for?Who do you want to win?Who do you think will win?

    Personally I think if Apple wins that would be sure cliche.

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